Tcard WP

Tcard WP is a plugin that lets you add beautiful cards to your website. You can pick from one of the 6 pre-made cards, each with 60 color variations or create your own custom design. The cards are build to allow easy customizations and work flawlessly in all the modern web browsers.

Tcard WP lets you build any type of card with over 23 elements. Tcard WP can be used like widget in sidebar or footer. The plugin have elements like gallery, twitter profile, slider that let you to build a nice profile section or any type of section. By add post element into skin, you can display how many posts you want into page from different categories

With Tcard it’s easy to create forums like contact / register / login and can be used anywhere in the page. Gallery can be managed by the administrator or by the user assigned to the gallery.


Tcard has been tested in following browsers/devices:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • IE11/Edge

Features List:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Filter
  • Pagination
  • 6 Skin
  • Custom Skin
  • Drag and drop elements
  • Fully responsive
  • Mobile ready
  • Widget
  • Display posts by: Category,Order by,Order
  • Gallery
  • Group Galleries
  • Individual Gallery
  • Ajax Gallery
  • Users can manage their own gallery
  • Over 23 elements
  • Twitter profile
  • Twitter feed
  • Slider
  • Custom Login
  • Custom Register
  • Custom Contact
  • Login/Register/Contact can be used anywhere in your website
  • Group Settings
  • Skin Settings
  • Different settings on front or back
  • Different colors on front or back
  • Hover Animation
  • Button Animation
  • Flip Animation
  • Rotate Animation
  • Turn on/off – Flip/Rotate Animations
  • Count number
  • Skills
  • Multiple groups on the same page
  • Scroll Animations
  • Multicolor
  • Cubic Bezier transition timing
  • Multiline Ellipsis Text
  • Unlimited number of card
  • Adjustable speed, animations delay
  • Easy to Configure
  • Clean documentation with examples
  • Constant support